Professional Fees
My fees cover the consultation and examination. Any investigations undertaken are charged separately. I will send a copy of my clinic letter to your GP (General Practitioner) and with your consent I will email the same to you.
Following the consultation you may liaise with me further through email if there are any further queries.

First & Follow up Consultation £200

If you do not cancel your appointment and do not attend for your appointment, you may be liable to a ‘non-attendance’ charge of £75
Skin Prick tests £200
E-mail Consultation* £25

*E-mail Consultation
If for some reason, you cannot attend an appointment in person, I maybe able to respond to your health queries through email correspondence. Please use the form on the contact us page.
I am registered with most of the UK Private Health insurance companies. Please discuss with your insurance company before you make an appointment with me.
You will be invoiced by medical account services, Medserv, on my behalf. Medserv will accept payments made by cheque, bank transfer or online. You may pay directly on my website using Paypal.
Failure to pay may result in a legal notice being sent to you and in the event matter is further referred to a debt collection legal process, additional fees to cover legal costs, will be added to and payable with the invoice debt.

Online Payment
We use PayPal to accept secure online payments. You are not required to be a member of PayPal in order to use this service.
How to make a payment:

  • Enter your full name (patient) or invoice number in the PayPal box on the right
  • Click on the “Pay Now” button
  • In the left had box enter your full name (patient) or invoice number once again
  • Enter the invoice amount under “Item Price” (for example for £25 enter 25)
  • Click on Update to apply the payment to your full name (patient) or invoice number
  • Follow instructions in the right hand window to complete payment